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RELEASE: Bruno Sanfilippo - Urbs

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Because Lena and I were out of town briefly, I forgot to give our email newsletter mailing list a chance to take advantage of the special price so I've extended it through May 28. Lots of people have already taken advantage of this deal, and I hope nobody will miss out... though it's worth $12.99 even if you miss the new release special price.

I missed the first release info about this, thanks for the heads-up. Really like the sound clips. This sounds like it will be a great headphone experience. Ordered.  :)

Ordering.Silence in Shadows is in my top 10 ambient ever so if anything like that,great.

Great! I somehow missed it first time around, so it's nice to get a second chance.

Short blog entry here about initial reaction to Urbs (including two reviews already posted at this forum)...



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