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music written and produced by gimu
photograph by peter nejedly
mastered by jannick schou
design by leonardo rosado

Release Date: May 14th, 2012
First edition: 50 copies - 12 euros (includes shipping)

21x13 cm in black paperboard and adhesive printing on glossy paper + CDr

Release notes:

Gimu's latest release, “They all left one by one, they all left the radio on” pulls the listener into a grand industrial score. Echoes of spirits past are trapped in a metallic field, cold drafts shift us into a dark ambient world where ghostly tones and cathartic hammering reveal a realm both haunting and epic. Harmonic voices fill the voids bringing air and light to the music. Sometimes it as if the voices are our own. Angelic and soothing. Other times they are that of an army of men, singing in unison to the sound of their creations.

The paring of such dark and light emotions creates a perfectly balanced piece of artwork. Initially we may feel uncomfortable with the industrious introduction of the music and jarring mechanisms, but we are carried down with the familiarity of vocal samples and calming synths. As we become more comfortable with the tracks, we quickly find beauty in that of which we fear. Once again Gimu has brought to us a complete piece of work – one that walks in the steps of man made constructions, both eerie and divine.
Emily Loren Moss Ferrell