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My review of "Resonance (Harmonics Trilogy ~ Volume 1)" CD by Andrew Forrest



Andrew Forrest "Resonance (Harmonics Trilogy ~ Volume 1)" CD

Highly gifted ambient composer and painter Andrew Forrest, born in the UK, but since 1998 residing in New Zealand, has returned during the end of 2011 with his 6th full length album and the first part of "Harmonics Trilogy", entitled "Resonance" and packaged in elegant 4-panel digipak. Andrew Forrest is definitely one of those well-hidden and strongly underrated artists journeying through gorgeous deep space realms. "Harmonic Resonance" is the sole track title, presented in three longer movements, all clocking between 20 and 24 minutes. "Harmonic Resonance - 1st Movement" reveals with slow-motion drones, venturing across various, richly textured and evolving phases, from more deeply drifting and powerfully colossal drama through slightly more lighter and melodic paths to heavenly peaceful washes, but always preserving Andrew Forrest's identifying ethereally tranquil sound sculpting, which easily holds the attention of each journeying listener throughout the entire lengthy composition. A brilliantly entertaining and harmonic soundscape!!! "2nd Movement" floates through beautifully grandiose open spaces, masterfully enriched by celestial choir-like sounds and tenderly tinkling bells, before swelling into more intense and progressing sonic cascades. Again brightly colored in depth and spaciousness, always amazingly evocative and filled with unmeasurable majesty and grace. Hauntingly magnificent washes lead "3rd Movement", ornamented with assorted bell sounds, fragilely swirling around listener's ears. Stunningly immersing composition that again advances into other, spectacularly dramatic and cinematic deep space domains, precisely highlighted also by additional angelic choirs. Purely eternal sonic bliss is here!!! And a splendid conclusion of this magically fascinating "Resonance"!!! In case you are not familiar with Andrew Forrest's discography, act now, it's highly recommended to all aficionados searching for thrilling deep space explorations!!!

Richard Gürtler (May 24, 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia)

drone on:
Cool!  I never heard of him.  I'll have to check him out.  I love the cover artwork, it's all "space"y and stuff!

Every time I try to tell myself that I need to cut back on my music purchases, Richard comes out with another great review of a release that I have to find and purchase. I've never heard of Andrew Forrest, either. Now I have to go find it.

Thank you, drone on and Harry, for your kind words, as always it's much appreciated!!! Feel free to explore Andrew's music through his own website or through CD Baby. The physical copies are more pricey, but it's worth! Keep on enjoying great music!!! :)



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