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Started by petekelly, February 13, 2012, 07:49:02 AM

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I got a recent email from CDbaby regarding 'SoundExchange' and I'm on a list of artists that may be owed money by them. Apparently I have to register with them to get any owed royalties.

Anyone have any experience with them ? I'm sure it'll only be a few quid, so it's more curiosity than anything else.


Yes I have signed up with them, but I have not yet received any money from them yet. I think they only pay out twice a year and I missed the last deadline by a few days. Some friends who have gotten payments from them said the first one is usually the biggest as they may have been collecting money for you for several years now.
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- Loren Nerell


Yes, Loren is right.  I hesitated signing up for SoundExchange for a long time, but was glad that I finally caved in.  I received a nice payment from them for airplay that dated back a number of years.  Being paid for airplay on satellite radio was an especially nice surprise.



Thanks for the replies, I'II look into things a bit further.



I was curious, so I called to see if I had any royalties coming my way.  Turns out they owe me $9.61.   :o ;D

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I have been with SoundExchange for over a year. They collected a bit of cash over this time period. They are legit.

Michael Allison

I received a pretty nice amount from them earlier this year so it definitely pays to sign up and see what you have coming.