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Prometheus Musings, and More (Discussion W/ Spoilers)

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judd stephens:
Of all the movies that have made an attempt to revive an old series or jumpstart a trilogy, Prometheus is the most deserving I've seen.  In fact Ridley now has 2 trilogies on the hook if I'm right in that he also said his Robin Hood was intended to be more than just one movie.  I would rather he in Peter Jackson fashion just focus on Prometheus.  I found Noomi Rapace to be excellent- I like her intrepid curiosity, not only after the surgery going with Weylan and David to the 'bridge' of the ship, but of course her semi-vengeful desire to seek out the humanoid aliens. 

That leads me to my first question:  David says there are other ships, and obviously there are as they leave in one.  So why are the aliens in hypersleep?  Were they in the other ship too? 

Drone On I thought to create this in case you'd also like to post your critique here

.  I wanted to leave my comments shorter and broken into several posts so as to not have huge paragraphs of my own analysis or questions...

judd stephens:
In reply to what Altus said: take the two who were left in the pyramid (what they called it) when the storm arrived. At first, they reacted in a realistic manner when they found the bodies stacked in the hallway. Then they entered the storage room containing the oozing vases, and the mutated worms came. Now one of the characters is completely fearless, practically begging to be killed like an idiot in a horror movie.

That's a funny observation and a good one.  My thought when I was watching it was why in the world did they return to that chamber?  I can buy that as a biologist which that character in fact was, might be a bit more intrepid and curious than your average person, wouldn't he at least think that thing could be venomous.  Yes, he was almost treating it like a pet kitten  ;D

Another example is when David has Shaw on the table, telling her she's pregnant, and then sedates her. She wakes to find two people prepping her for hypersleep. She fights them off (why didn't they give chase?) and uses the auto-surgery machine to remove the alien.
Then she returns to find David and some others, who seem completely okay that she escaped. In my opinion, this is a clear example of something that was left on the cutting room floor.

That David wouldn't show much emotion is understandable, both for his being an android and to hide his obvious maliciously intentioned programming.  I did like his quip "I didn't know you had it in you" then quick apology for the pun- it seemed like I was the only one in the theatre laughing at that.  As far as the two who tried to sedate her, I am pretty sure they were unaware of the alien inside.  There was little if any interaction between those specific characters beyond that scene if I remember right.  Also not remembering the way she escaped, she may have disoriented them enough to get away- again not sure if she could have just eluded them as they had no clue where she was headed.  My possible gripe:  wasn't the operation room part of Meredith Vickers' separate living quarters?  How was Shaw (Noomi's character) able to access that so readily? 

Agreed that the editing seemed as if more could have been there, easily.  Given a Ridley Scott film chances are that was it.  I could have happily watched a 3 hr. extended version.   As the more positive reviewers said, I found what actually did make it to be pretty engrossing and was left wanting more. 

judd stephens:
Julio said:  All in all I enjoyed it.  Have to say the one link to the original Alien 1 movie that was messed up is the Super Human chases  Shaw after his spacecraft crashes  near the end of the movie.  In the first Alien the Superhuman is found in the chair thing with its chest exploded out.  They were so close to putting the 2 movies together.  Must be to link up another movie yet to come other wise it just terrible continuity 

Well this is the grand question.  It's not LV 426, remember that was the name of the planet in Alien (and Aliens correct?).   Either case it's a different planet altogether from scene with the derelict craft we saw in the 1st movie.   The planet Prometheus lands on is LV 221 or something.   Also the alien that bursts from the humanoid looks different- the mouth is a little different and the teeth aren't razor sharp like the ones we know and love.  So they must go through further evolution/DNA mixing along the way...

It appears that some plot threads were shortened for the release. It's been confirmed that a 'Director's Cut' will be released on video in October. It's already available for pre-order on Amazon.

Here's a link to an interview with Ridley Scott: http://collider.com/ridley-scott-prometheus-deleted-scenes-interview/172202/

So the film is good enough for the director to release a cut at a later date, but not have that cut released as 'the film itself'? :o

Don't mean to gripe but it does bug me.

Thanks for starting the thread and it looks like this might be the film I know the best when I finally sit down and watch it - makes it an interesting process in itself


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