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Prometheus Musings, and More (Discussion W/ Spoilers)

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recently watched Alien resurrection for the first time....

....why did Sigourney weaver sign up to it? the story, acting and dialogue was terrible....almost a parody of itself.

drone on:
Yeah that was awful.  There never should have been any sequels or prequels to Alien, just kind of ruined the mystique of the original.

The Prometheus question: More than one year on from its release, does it actually hold up? I own it, I've watched it many times, I've pretty much studied it. There is a tremendous amount there in this movie to give it enough weight, to not entirely write it off as a failure. And that's what makes the stupidity of its script failings so irksome. With the original Alien, we were given that this would be a kind of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in space, and when you see the movie, it wildly exceeds your expectations, totally transcending the genre. Prometheus does just the opposite. It promises a majesterial space adventure tinged with horror, but turns out to be a post-modern schlock space horror comedy. Which might ruin the enjoyment on first watch (I was so angry I had a hard time not walking out of the theater) but upon successive re-watch Scott's ability as a visual communicator (the whole point of movies right?) is so powerful that the force of it overwhelms the weaknesses and it becomes by sheer force of visual will an awesome piece of work that is worthy of consideration.

Not a failure, much to be gained by it. Strangely, in some nuanced ways, it is not only a prequel to Alien, but a sequel to Blade Runner.


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