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Prometheus Musings, and More (Discussion W/ Spoilers)

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Thanks for the link, Antdude. I have to say, I'm glad they cut out a "fight scene" between Shaw and the Engineer. I hope this 20 minutes of footage is sprinkled throughout the film to fill the needed gaps.

Just saw and really enjoyed the film. I understand the gripes about plot, but I was able to appreciate the film as being somewhat fanciful (albeit dark)-- it felt like a work of science fiction, full of amazing visuals and interesting and strange ideas. So, something where you really have to suspend your disbelief anyway.

Visually, just very impressive.

As a musician, I did wish the score had more variety. A small complaint.

judd stephens:

--- Quote from: Altus on June 13, 2012, 04:20:08 AM ---Thanks for the link, Antdude. I have to say, I'm glad they cut out a "fight scene" between Shaw and the Engineer. I hope this 20 minutes of footage is sprinkled throughout the film to fill the needed gaps.

--- End quote ---

There are relatively few scenes with the Engineer.  On the one hand I like that it was tantalizingly few, which kind of keeps us on the hook in a good way and also leaves a lot up to mystery.  On the other hand, I wouldn't mind at least seeing that fight scene.  That was one thing I was thinking right afterward that some of the most intense scenes like that were so "bang bang" that after waiting till the end of the movie the payoff was relatively short (the ship crashing was pretty glorious and drawn out though)  I can't imagine that fight scene without some kind of equipment Shaw would need as an equalizer, a la Ripley in the lift machine vs. the Queen...

As some have mentioned the plot hole with Shaw and the lack of resolution between her and the crew members who were trying to sedate her ( I can accept it as something that got resolved in the story "off camera" but needed to be skipped due to relevancy of the more pressing theme)  what I'm wondering now is the squid like alien??  So how much time had elapsed from the surgery to the moment where it is let out full grown?

I guess one could buy that it was trapped in the medic room and everyone was preoccupied (including Vickers) but how did it get so gosh darned big, trapped in there?  This incidentally could have been a plot hole in the original Alien.  How did the Alien grow and what did it feed on?  You rarely if ever hear that gripe when the movie is mentioned.   Maybe because the characters in Alien are so well developed and the story is good enough that it hardly matters. 

What I'd like to see also in the extra minutes would be a little more character interaction.  This was a big movie and Ridley did try to fit a lot in,  one is led to believe that there is more of a plot development on Earth (given the previews), but some of the dialogue was fairly profound- ironic that a lot of the better scenes where big questions are asked come from the Android.  I liked the certain tension that existed between him and some of the crew members.  The line where the Shaw's boyfriend says something like "the latest versions are so similar to humans or something" and David replies with "I hope not too similar" was so ambiguously brilliant, and there were quite a few things David said to that effect. 

Shaw, David and Vickers were very good performances and I thought once we found out more about the bit characters I liked them too (the captain and the mohawked geologist most notably).  So any more footage could flesh them out or feature more dialogue perhaps.  I thought the plot twist with Weylan being alive was alright- the idea that he was just going to walk up to the Engineer and have a chat about fixing his pesky mortality thing was silly- then again an aging senile and once fearless tycoon could behave that way, sort of oblivious to reality and his own imminent doom.   At least a kind of movie with ambitions this grand has one talking and thinking afterward, even if it's to fill in the gaps. 

drone on:
Ridley had such a wonderful opportunity to make fabulous film--then after 20 min. into the movie he took a dump all over it.   8)

drone on:
Notice how this topic hasn't gotten a new post in one month?  I think it shows how "forgettable" this movie actually was.  I was so unmotivated that I never even wrote my official review!  I will probably rent the DVD when it comes out so I can give it another try, but for now "Prometheus" is just a distant memory, like a star light years away.  ;D


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