Author Topic: My review of "Hypersona" CD by 36  (Read 3292 times)


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My review of "Hypersona" CD by 36
« on: June 16, 2012, 05:31:22 AM »

36 "Hypersona" CD

"Hypersona" was released back in 2009 as a debut album by UK based project acting under the 36 alias and first part of three planned albums, which later became known as "Hollow" (2010) and "Lithea" (2012), all released on 36's own imprint 3six Recordings. The sole protagonist of 36, Dennis Huddleston, presents here his debut work nicely packaged and designed in elegant 4-panel digipak. And my listening room is soon invaded by beautifully sculpted filigree blend of serenely gliding melancholic ambience, heartwarming modern classical elements and crystalline location recordings, all masterfully wrapped by movingly expressive long forgotten memories. The intro is provided by "Signal", a shorter organic ambience enhanced by hisses, distant voice transmissions and morse codes. Fully bloomed, beautiful and majestic amalgam of tender, nearly xylophone-like tinkles and gracefully spreading electronics is promptly revealed by the composition entitled "2249". Deeply absorbing washes of "Inside" announce a truly magnificent rainy sundown meeting on patio, while recapturing deeply buried nostalgic scenarios. Pure moments of natural magic are emerging here!!! Shorter, more experimental "Intercept", as its name indicates, is a kind of a transitional passage into heavenly realms invaded by angelic choirs of "The Box", the next composition of absolutely wonderful interplay of serenely tinkling sounds with dripping water (or is it crackling fireplace? Or both of them?) and above mentioned choirs, all fragilely cascading through various levels. But always keeping its absolutely tranquil essence with dreamy and nostalgic moments. "Nephyr" is a deeply evocative and steadily progressing dronescape, later nicely colored by fragile piano fragments. Expressive piano tune leads "Beacon", minimally structured, hazed by distant hisses and shoreline sounds, but again highly picturesque. The title composition, "Hypersona", strikes immediately with shimmeringly tinkling melody, generating a nostalgic feeling to some specific time and place. "Juliet" blends aerial washes with distorted transmissions of woman's voice spelling phonetic alphabet. "Dream Window" is a shorter piece, more experimental and eclectic at the beginning, but soon entering into deeply imaginative passage guided by gentle toy piano tinkles. "Forever" dives deeply into immersing arctic territories with dramatically turbulent drones before ending in pure quietness. The closing, untitled piece blends glitchy sounds, field recordings and toy piano. "Hypersona" is carefully contemplative and hauntingly colorful collection of richly evocative dreamscapes filled with nostalgia, longing and sorrow. The strenght of "Hypersona" is by the images it creates!!! Definitely highly recommended introduction of 36!!! By the way, by the time I am writting these lines, "Hypersona" album is being released by 3six Recordings as remastered vinyl edition with new artwork. White, clear and black vinyls are available, 100 copies of each.

Richard Gürtler (Jun 16, 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia)