Too much music?

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drone on:
I have way too much music to actually have time to listen to yet keep piling on to my collection.  Is it possible to just stop buying (if not forced to for economic reasons)?  Am I alone here??

I fully understand the impact of this, being flushed by so much (promo)music as a reviewer for over 25 years; Listening to music should be comfortable & fun, never done under pressure or the incense one has to.

There's just no way to keep up with it all in a sensible manner nor keeping track on all that's happening out there;
I do the best I can, take it the way it is, never rush and only take things one step at the time...
Just my 2 cents.

Julio Di Benedetto:
My music purchases have been steady for a while until recent....I have too much in that I list to an 1/8 th of my collection.  Grant new arrivals get top billing.  What is a concern for me is the physical space all these cds take up.  When I look at all that plastic it really turns me off.  It definitely has effected my purchasing.  Our Ambient community should be supported, needs to be....... and there are many wonderful releases coming out and older ones to be discovered.  Not easy!   Good thread Drone on!

| broken harbour |:
I feel you, for many years I was buying about 15-20 albums a month, which stopped abruptly a few months ago, now I only purchase something I really want.  I guess saving for a house means less money for music!  ::)

that's a good point bringing up.

when i see all that music/plastic piling up here, i feel pretty disgusted with myself..
i need to buy all the things i like.. and all that illegal file-sharing doesn't help either for me. more exposure that way means 'for me' more expenses, cause i simply want the original thing ! that's the problem i'm dealing with, why not being satisfied with a few releases now and then or inexpensive/free downloads..
i'm just 37, what does it look like in 10 years from now, 7000+ CDs at your place....??? is that something to be proud or feeling ashamed of ???
you can only look at it not even talking about playing it...


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