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It has been very interesting reading through this thread. I like everyone's different takes on this. A decade and a half back I traveled around by bicycle, and would stop for a year or so in a country to teach English. Living this life I never gathered much stuff. But then in Rome, I discovered electronic music in a big way. Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works vol. 2 to be exact. I listened to it day and night, and was completely hooked. I eventually tore through all the Warp label releases I could find...but in that early stage I actually believed in the idea of the "circular collection", that one could arrive at a certain number of albums and circulate through them, creating a hermetic world with no need to buy new music, and maybe switching one out to be replaced by a new one. But soon the glorious addiction kicked in. Going to the record store almost daily was like a special time of peace, an opening of possibilities, and in each city I cherished this ritual. It was great to discover Hypnos while living in China, the joy of having a pack of cds arrive from such a faraway land (I could picture beautiful Portland, Oregon in my mind, having been there many times) was a great comfort in those strange and stressful times. The music was burned into my spirit, accompanying me everywhere. I eventually became more settled. Lived in Portland for a while, and remember going to that great world music cd shop in the Hawthorne (I hope it's still there) every day, amassing quite a collection of international traditional music as well. Then I became a more serious collector, though with a relatively modest collection. More than just listening to the music, it was the excitement of hunting around on label sites on the net, or jetting over to the record store before they closed in the evening, buying known quantities or completely unknown stuff for the sense of discovery. Then waiting for the great moment when the package would arrive, opening the package, slowly going over all the packaging, enjoying the evocative art and textures, anticipating the First Listen...

More to follow, gotta run...


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