Too much music?

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drone on:
Ha! Yeah, sometimes I feel proud of my massive collection, but other times disgusted how much money I've spent over the years that could have gone to other things.  Plus, like I mentioned, just realizing how much of this stuff I've barely listened to.  I get something new, have a few good listens, then it goes on the shelf for a year or more sometimes because I'm constantly preoccupied with even newer releases that just keep rolling in.  It would be so much easier if there was only a few artists or labels that I liked (such as back in the mid 90's I was almost exclusively into Fax, Amplexus, and Steve Roach), but as my horizons have expanded, so has my pile of CD's.  ;)

Hi guys, I am very glad to read there are more nuts like me out there...:-) I am 46 years old and I returned back to collecting ambient music in 2007, after 8-9 years of total silence. My initial idea was to buy about 30 of most fave CDs by artists like Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Michael Stearns, vidnaObmana..., whom I started to collect around 1995 when running a small mail-order catalogue. At that time I even sold my own copies, so in 2007 I started basically from point zero. But the whole situation somehow overgrown my plans, I didn't end at 30 CDs only and still keep on ordering and exploring new artists and buying each release of my fave artists (a very long list...). Who knows, maybe the economic reasons will force me to cut down my orders, hopefully this day is still faraway...  :) And yes, the pile of ordered CDs is always too big..., but I also always keep an eye on my mailbox for new beauties... :)

Keep on enjoyng and buying great music!!! ;)


I know the problem. I've been collection music for the last 10 years, and since I evolved from a narrow-headed metal fan to genres like metal, ambient, Berlin School, folk and neofolk, dub techno, classic and so on, the collection has been growing and growing and growing... Fortunately there's Discogs to manage the collection.
Financially there's no problem but spacewise, it's getting a bit difficult....
But I don't see a near end, I'm too much a music addict.

When I reached 700 CD titles, I got fed up with it. Started to sell everything. But before everything was sold I decided to keep some. So I still have a small collection 200 CDs. I think it was a good decision now that I only play flac-files anyway. I didn't need all that plastic.

Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le):
Hi, my name is Paul and I am a music addict... :o

Ok, so seriously, even though every aspect of my professional life revolves around music...what do I do for a hobby? I collect music, and I am obsessively compulsive.

According to my iTunes, I have 1135 artists and 8325 albums...and yes most of them are legit purchased downloads and rips of my cd, album and sadly in a few places tape collection. (I will give a 10-15% variance if I am honest that I got some from friends along the way too). Here are some of my personal facts, maybe some of you can commiserate.

* When I discover a new band or artist, be it someone new or even an obscure jazz artist from the 40's I will collect everything that they ever did and then aurally digest them in order of release. I will also get every biography I can find.

* I have always been into bootleg collecting so 2627 albums in my collection are a combination of live shows, studio outtakes and alternate and unreleased albums.

* Every album in my digital collection MUST have a cover! It must be the original cover from the original year of release. If it is a bootleg and does not have a cover, I will seek out live picks from that show and make one.

* 4-5 years ago I got into the Grateful Dead for the 1st time and now have as far as I know every existing and circulating soundboard show of theirs on existence both in FLAC and converted to AAC for use in my iPod. Anyway, I spent over a year creating covers for them all complete with actual shots of the show, posters and ticket stubs and then released them to the Dead trading community.

* I also collect traditional Jazz recordings and all of the above parameters apply even to the extent that when a box set comes out like "The Complete Columbia Recordings of..." I will take said box set and break it apart and sequence all of the music back into the original album releases and running orders, again complete with the original album cover. In other words I want to hear how someone would have experienced the 5 song 10" Nat King Cole or Charlie Parker album back when it was released, and not 3 takes of the same song right in a row.

* For rock albums, I will do the same thing especially with Best ofs and Greatest hits, in Itunes I split them back into their original albums even if its just 1 or 2 songs, then if I like those songs and think think the album good enough or historic enough I will use e-music, itunes or amazon to purchase the missing songs from said album.

* 7 years ago I ripped my entire CD collection (some 2000+ CDs) into iTunes, but unfortunately did so at 128...the then Itunes standard. Then my wife and I moved and my CDs went into storage. Now we have our own place again and I am in the middle of a big re-rip of my collection at 320 AAC and Apple Lossless if it is an album like Kind Of Blue, American Beauty, Dark Side Of The Moon etc where sound quality and historic significance are paramount to me.
And yes, according to iTunes it would take me 435 days to listen to it all end to like many of you, it is too much.

Why do I do it?

* One as a musician, its like an author having an over stuffed library of books that they could not possibly re-read in a life time.
* I like being able to hit random on a 1950's jazz mix or 1970's rock mix or a 1992-1998 mix of the golden era of space music.
* I like knowing if I have a client who wants to sound like artist X in year ? at studio B I can find digest and try and replicate the sounds and techniques.
How do I afford my habit?

* Well I used to work at CD and record stores for 5-6 years of my life and got a great discound...especially when I could buy used CDs and LPs fpr $1.
* Now rather than buy a $5 latte, I would rather spend $5 on a download at amazon and e-music.
* Also there are some great, creative and LEGAL ways! ;D Like Amazon offers daily and monthly deals at $5 or less. Many albums on e-music are similarly priced (and actually 4 years ago I was able to get jazz and ambient albums on e-music for $1 - $2 each before they wised up and went to a cash system VS a monetary one), sometimes on iTunes and Amazon they will miss long one or two track albums like many of Miles Davis 70's fusion classics and you can buy the individual songs for $1 each and so on...
So there you have it! I am an addict just like all'y'all!

PS now I struggle with the legal and moral ramifications of, "If I rip my CDs can I just sell them?" Of which the Law says no... also as hard drives get even cheaper will I some day want to re-rip them again at higher rates... and so forth.


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