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Purchase advice requested

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PS3 - love it - it's just not intuitive for watching movies.... we do a lot of watching a bit... rewinding... coming back to it two days later... etc...  if we were "watch the entire movie in one go" type people - it's be perfect.

Old mac mini's did not have hdmi - you have to have one heck of big clunky adapter.  (trust me I have one)

New mac mini's have hdmi.

You may want to try replacing your wireless router.  That might help with your NetFlix connection and routers are cheap.

I have a Samsung DVD player with built-in Wi-Fi and it works fine for streaming NetFlix; I've never had a problem except when NetFlix was down itself for the player needed rebooting.

You can also use a powerline converter for your network and eliminate the need to run some ethernet cable if you want to try a wired connection for your DVD player.


And you can split that remaining HDMI port with another piece of gear:


There is certainly more than one way to skin the CAT-5.

Bill Binkelman:
Thanks to everyone for their many suggestions. I am planning on staying with a wireless solution because the wireless signal is fine when my PC is in the same location as the TV so WiFi is not the issue (plus it would mean running an ethernet cable under the floor from one end of the house to the other). Since I don't game at all, the PS3 is out as it's not cost effective. I think I will go with a Roku or similar device since the Samsung blu-ray plyer is fine except for streaming. I am really looking for the lowest cost solution, so obviously buying a new computer (the mini Mac) is also out of the question. But I do appreciate every piece of feedback given here. If I had more money, I would  consider the more expensive options, trust me. And jimzzzak, yes, I am going to buy an HDMI splitter which someone suggested to me on FB as well.

Thanks, again.


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