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Purchase advice requested

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I used a PS3 as a home theater media center until mine fried itself.

I hated watching blu-ray through PS3...  seemed to always be a royal pain to navigate menus (even with the dedicated remote) - and I seemed lose my place in the movies a lot.   

Totally worked until I could buy a dedicated blu-ray player though - so I'm not knocking it as an option!   A little hassle is far better than no ability to watch.  :-)

Scott M2:

--- Quote from: mgriffin on June 26, 2012, 10:46:29 AM ---Another vote for the Mac Mini home theater solution. It plays DVDs, any format of digital file, and all kinds of streaming. The only thing it won't play is bluray discs, but I have a player for that.

--- End quote ---

Note - The current Mac Minis no longer have a DVD player, so you'd need to use an external drive.  Hmmm, maybe an external Bluray drive.
Otherwise, an earlier model, with the DVD drive, could probably be picked up used to save some $$$.

Also note - If you can't go wired, I've found that the Apple wireless base stations are more reliable at a distance and through walls and floors than my regular wireless modem alone. I can't speak for other companies' products.

Even if you were to use an external Blu-ray unit, I'm not sure Apple supports Blu-ray playback. And the "DVD Player" software that comes with the OS is (for lack of a better word) shit.
I didn't have much luck finding any third party DVD player software either, but that was a year or two ago so things might've changed.

Mike, jkn: Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with PS3. :-\ I have the old 40 gig fatty and it's still working fine after many years.

I would say PS3 since if you have Amazon Prime you can watch (free and rent) movies, tv shows, etc...



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