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Started by drone on, June 09, 2012, 11:49:53 PM

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In rock news:  Stone Roses have re-formed, Mark Gardener formerly with Ride recorded an album with Robin Guthrie.  Any opinions on these?  I'm a little stunned to hear about both actually.

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C'mon, there's gotta be some Stone Roses fans here!!  ;D


Well, I am a Ride fan, and that announcement makes me wonder if they were a phenomenon trapped in time or if they still have any pip. Interesting.
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Love love LOVE Ride; they get a lot of play around my house.  But I always laugh when, after establishing a great mood and tone (rocking, hooky greatness), "Deep Inside My Pocket" comes on - I still can't tell if that song is a joke or if they're really serious.   ;D ???
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Looking back at Ride now I think they were much more talented than I thought when I listened to them in the early 90's, when I thought they were just another cool UK band.  The amazing thing about them was how young they were, barely out of their teens, and they were such great players (the drummer was off the hook!).  Same could be said of a band like Slowdive.  Those guys (and girl) are still younger than me (44)! 


I saw both Ride and Slowdive perform in San Francisco in the early 90s.  They were both much more powerful in person than on CD.  Slowdive opened for Spiritualized--a great combo.  The Ride show (for the Going Blank Again tour)  was especially amazing.  They (Ride) had the energy of a post-punk band like Husker Du.


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I missed seeing Ride but saw Slowdive on their last tour at Slims in San Francisco in '94.  They opened for Catherine Wheel and were so amazing I left after their set.  I figured anything following that would be anti climactic.  I regret it now because I appreciated CW years later.  Bottom line, though, Slowdive was the best live band I ever saw.  I listen to the live bootlegs more than the studio albums.


Ride was a favorite of mine during the "Nowhere" era.  I had the opportunity to see them live with Lush. It was a fantastic show. I'm really curious to see what the collaboration with Robin Guthrie will be like.