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Brian Bieniowski:
Not sure if I've ever plugged my little project here on the Forum before.  Well, anyway, I've been doing ambient podcasts since 2005, and I figure if the people of any place will enjoy them it's you guys.  I've done eighteen episodes so far, all certainly music that will appeal to the "typical" Hypnos-phile.

Newest episode features underrated and obscure ambient tracks, with some by Hypnos and related artists.  Thanks for looking!

I've really enjoyed your podcasts, Brian, especially since you add commentary about the tracks you're playing.  It's a great way to discover new music.

I'm also pleased to see my friend (and Hypnos artist) David Tollefson on your playlist.  I'm hoping the upcoming new Viridian Sun material will get people a little more interested in his solo work.

Thanks for posting... I'm downloading this now and will give a listen later today.

I've appreciated Brian's Quiet Sounds mixes too. I note, among a few of my faves in there (Kiln's Thermals, Paul Bradley's Chroma, Shuttle358's Chessa) there's a CELER track in there.
FYI, there's a new album coming out "soon" on Infraction - entitled Discourses of the Withered. Look out for it - Jason@Infraction has been drooling over it (should make for interesting packaging ;))

Brian Bieniowski:
Thank you, guys.

It's a real head scratcher to me about Tollefson.  Do people just think he has a weird name or what?  Maybe some folks will hear his track (I have 66 listeners according to Last.FM alone—god knows who these people are) and be inclined to explore further, especially since he seems to have presaged the ambient-guitar craze of the last year or three.

No commentary on this new one—just a little experiment with a subtle vocal overdub to intro and outro the broadcast.  I'll do something more substantial next time.

I found out about Celer on LiveJournal, believe it or not.  The duo are on my friends list (and what a cute couple they make) and so I checked out their music, which is quite nice.  They're prolific and CDR only, which makes it impossible for me to keep up with them, but there's a lot of potential there for awesome music.  Their song and album titles make one think they might be Italian.  ;)  Looking forward to their Infraction venture.


Re: Tollefson, I dunno, Brian. You’re right about his presaging of the recent ambient guitar + FX trend. Prompted by your track, I just dug out his 2nd Hypnos album, Near and Far (1999!), and the first track “Field of Blackbirds” blows away a lot of these latecomers to the stretched-out ambient guitar table, not to mention patching beautifully into a post-GYBE!/Mogwai post-rock area that subtracts all the overblown rockist bombast, and leaves you with essence of guitar. Problem is that the rest of the album is spotty. The earlier New Eyes on the Universe has a few more tracks going for it, including your track, which is a beauty, but then again half of it is... I dunno... not that great, with the greatness of the other stuff in mind. Time for a comeback, with better quality control.


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