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> sounds rescued from the edges & otherwise

Announcing the new and upcoming Periphery editions, continuing our series of releasing provocative, exciting works from artists operating across the electronic music spectrum, housed in the label's now-established, collectable (and limited to 50 copies) silver porthole tins.


> Radiant Mind Sense (OTP7012) / Sense is the debut by the mysterious US artist known as Radiant Mind. Produced and engineered (and with sonic contributions made) by Steve Roach, Radiant Mind's first offering is a blast of refreshing nocturnal air amid the tried-and-tested ambient landscape, proffering a kaleidoscopic sonic terrain that reveals an inner space music offset by fluttering beats and strangely unfurling atmospherics. Poised to be one of the top ambient releases of 2012, Radiant Mind seeks to upset the genre apple cart, a recording simultaneously soothing & unnerving.


> Erdem Helvacioglu & Bruce Tovsky Erlik Khan (OTP8012) / New collaboration between Turkish experimental genre-hopper and multi-media artist Erdem Helvacioglu (with releases on Sub Rosa, Innova, and Sargasso) and Brooklyn, NY contextualizer Bruce Tovsky, featuring two prickly longform works fusing free sampledelia, trumpet, viola, acoustics, and urbanized electronica into a colorful, polyglot stew.

> Thin Air (OTP9012) / Thin Air is Steve Bowman, mainstay on the Philadelphia electronic music scene, half of duo Delicate Monster, whose racks of keyboards make sounds as much in debt to classical music sensibilities as classical synthetic ones, though the end result is hardly what you expect. Rippling arpeggios occasionally spill out over curiously alien topographies think DeBussey, Satie, or Prokofiev interpreted by Morton Subtonick, Louis & Bebe Barron, and Edgar Froese.


> New albums by Groupthink, Alpha Wave Movement, Andrew Deutsch, Underline, and others.

Note that Within Reason's Subtle Shift & Thomas Ronkin's Precursors are both sold out.

All other Periphery editions, including our first three digipak releases by The Electric Golem, Richard Lainhart, and the Home Patterning compilation, can be previewed & purchased via the Periphery Bandcamp page:

Further news & editions to be announced soon.

Thanks for your continuing interest & support of Periphery & its artists.
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