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The Dark Knight Rises - finally a film worthy of the hype?

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Bill Binkelman:
I'll just leave this here...it's Richard Corliss' (TIME magazine) review of The Dark Knight Rises. Will this be the serious-minded, adult, provocative film that Prometheus was supposed to be? Or once again will many people fall for the hype of a film that ultimately disappoints? Only time (3 days) will tell, I guess. This one I WILL be seeing as soon as possible.


drone on:
Well, the last one was hyped and I thought everything about it except for Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker (which was brilliant) was awful.  What's with this obsession/fascination with superheros, Marvel comics, and the like?  SPIDERMAN?? THE HULK?  what's next, AQUAMAN?  There are really two types of movies I have no interest in seeing unless they are something super special, and those are superhero movies and cartoons/animated films (like Toy Story, etc.)  I hope this new Batman is good, though.  I wouldn't mind seeing it (if only on DVD) if it's good. 


--- Quote from: drone on on July 17, 2012, 10:18:31 AM ---what's next, AQUAMAN? 

--- End quote ---

This has been rumored to be in development for a couple of years. From "Entourage" joke to the big screen? Stay tuned!

drone on:
Was the movie good?  From that review it sounds fantastic. 

well I watched this recently on DVD.

I must admit I was underwhelmed and it has taken a few days for me to work out some of the reasons why.

I thought the 'dark knight' was very good - it avoided the simplistic good versus bad plot lines and I felt the tension between the two main characters was present in all the scenes, even when only one was being filmed. In some ways the Joker's line 'you complete me' captured this well.
   Although 'saving Gotham' was part of the storyline arcs, I felt it was secondary rather than primary.

'Rises' for me is a backward step to the simplistic good versus bad plot line. A baddy in 'semi bondage' costume and saving Gotham as the main focus.

I would be happy for anyone to give a miore positive response as I'd like to give the film a second chance. Did I miss something?


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