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Olympics Opening Ceremonies--strange...

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drone on:
Is it just me or was that opening cermony at the London Olympics very creepy and bizarre? 

They were playing the theme music to "The Exorcist" while creepy giant puppets floated around kids' beds. 

The "Illuminati satanic ritual" theory I've read about the Olympic games is starting to make sense (and I say this half-jokingly).  8)

Dave Michuda:
It definitely helped that I watched on a DVR so I could fast forward through the stuff like the creepy puppets.

But overall I rather enjoyed the opening ceremonies.  I think London looked at the Beijing ceremonies and said "Shit! There's no way we can pull that off!"  So they went for something completely different, something chaotic, funny, irreverent, and strange.  But that's what made it memorable.  Most of the music was awesome and I loved  Kenneth Branagh reading from The Tempest on a hill as in the English countryside.

I know it wasn't for everyone but I had a good time.

It was an interesting and strange ceremony.

Danny Boyle managed to stick up 2 fingers to much of the political establishment focussing on NHS etc, monarchy (how did the Queen feel watching the sex pistols in huge projecton?) and multinational corporations (NHS etc again.....

I don't if anyone would agree but it reminded me in a way of Forest Gump in that it carried much of UK psyche and 'folk memories'

drone on:
The Queen looked pissed off.

I belive she enjoyed the parachute jump


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