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Drone On's review of "Under a Hexagon Sky" CD by Ishvara
« on: August 01, 2012, 10:43:59 AM »
Ishvara is a UK duo consisting of Matt Hillier (Ishq) and his significant other Jacqueline Kersley (they also work together as the duo Elve).  "Under a Hexagon Sky," released 2012 on their Virtual label, is a limited edition (300 CD's only) follow-up to their 2005 Virtual release "Magik Square of the Sun."  The project is supposed to be the more upbeat and electronica based work of Ishq and was originally started as a dance music project, according to the description on Discogs.  However, "Magik Square of the Sun" was hardly upbeat dance music, but instead the kind of of extreme chill-out one would hear on the most atmospheric Fax releases, with minimal beats interspersed between the floating waves of sound.  "Under a Hexagon Sky" is even quieter and more floaty, without a beat to be found.  This is ambient at its most extreme.   

On pieces like the beautiful title track, the duo piles on layers of pillowy, narcotizing electronic washes and nature sounds for an incredibly chilled experience, adding tasteful vocal samples (in this case I believe it's from the 70's TV show "Space 1999").  There is a hushed ambience to the album that puts the listener in a dreamy, otherworldly state.  "Springtime on Sirius" is another favorite track, playing out like a zen meditation in a peaceful garden in a galaxy far, far away.   

"Under a Hexagon Sky" is simply another excellent Virtual release, not bringing anything new to the table but keeping the ambientheads well-fed with its feast of sonic nourishment.