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Periphery /
> sounds rescued from the edges & otherwise


> Erdem Helvacioglu & Bruce Tovsky Erlik Khan (OTP8012)

New collaboration between Turkish experimental genre-hopper and multi-media artist Erdem Helvacioglu (with releases on Sub Rosa, Innova, and Sargasso) and Brooklyn, NY contextualizer Bruce Tovsky. Featuring two prickly longform works fusing GuitarViol (a hybrid stringed instrument), trumpet, random acoustics, and processed electronics into a colorful, polyglot stew, the enigmatic duo forge dense, dark, quivering soundscapes that recall nothing less than Thomas Koner, Shinjuku Thief, & Lull's isolationist climes skyrocketing through the improvisational smears first championed by the likes of AMM and Zbigniew Karkowski. Riveting, unclassifiable stuff.


> Thin Air Flamed Amazement (OTP9012) / late August

Thin Air is Steve Bowman, mainstay of the Philadelphia electronic music community & half of duo Delicate Monster, whose racks of keyboards make sounds as much in debt to classical music sensibilities as classical synthetic ones, though the end result is hardly what you'd expect. Rippling arpeggios occasionally spill out over curiously alien topographies, expansive washes of sounds folded into suites of charging analog harmonies think Charles Ives on acid, or Morton Subotnick & Erik Satie as reinterpreted by Edgar Froese.


> Alpha Wave Movement Eolian Reflections (OTP9012) / September

Periphery is very pleased to present the new Alpha Wave Movement album, Eolian Reflections, a stunning slice of contemporary ambient music that draws from the wellspring of Roach, early Rich, Eno, et al, but with its own characteristic flavor & aesthetic. A longtime yet under-recognized figure on the electronic scene, Gregory Kyryluk continues his long-standing tradition of knocking genre straw men down, taking traditional musical forms & spinning his own adjunct sound designs outward, whether it's his unique take on ambient dub-techno as Within Reason, or the myriad timeswept sensations of AWM.

> Groupthink Happy Gods (OTP9012) / September

After their successful debut Of Microcosmic Origins, Groupthink return with their follow-up, a somewhat more "rhythmic" collection of tracks than its predecessor, yet still teeming with the duo's particular brand of wholly odd event horizons & invasive electroacoustic mumurings.

All current Periphery editions, housed in the label's limited & collectable silver porthole tins, can be previewed & purchased via the Periphery Bandcamp page:

Further news & editions to be announced soon.
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Thank you for all the great news, Darren!!! I can't wait for the new ones by Alpha Wave Movement and Groupthink. I stay tuned.