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This has probably been answered somewhere already, but I couldn't find a thread for it.

I just got a Kindle Fire as a gift and have been playing around with it. Mostly, I'm very pleased with its capabilities, so far. Today, I went to the Amazon MP3 Store(they make it so easy) browsed through the selection and purchased Saul Stokes' 'Outfolding.' Somehow, I missed that one in my collection. Part of the reason for buying it was just to see how easy the process was for adding new content.

While I listened to my new purchase, I started thinking about digital vs. physical purchases, and wondered how Hypnos and its artists make money from iTunes, Amazon and other online vendors. I don't suppose there's a one-size-fits-all sales model involved here, especially when it comes to smaller record labels vying for online shelf space with Mariah and P-Diddy.

I still prefer my music on a physical CD for the most part, and of course, I want to support my favorite ambient record label, but I'm wondering if digital sales help or hurt the artists. I suppose it's inevitable that most releases will go digital, but how does this affect a label like Hypnos?

P.S. If you haven't already, buy 'Outfolding.' It's excellent. I'm on my 3rd listen already.

drone on:
I was wondering about this too.  Also curious if Hypnos sells as many cds these days or if downloads have cut down on demand for physical cds. 

If I get a chance later in the week - I'll do a blog post from my perspective on this both as a fan of music and a label owner (although not of manufactured CD's...).

I used to buy CD's all the time...  I stopped and switched to files a few years ago...  my listening habits, and the physical issues with having a huge collection of music prompted my switch.   I long ago recycled or threw away the jewel cases - the discs are all in media storage drums.  It was just too many.  :-)

That said - I love physical releases as works of art - but I don't have room for many of those.  Even artists that don't release files - I've approached and gotten the files from them directly and paid them directly. :-)

Even though I'm not a Hypnos artist, I've got some thoughts on this one:

It's good and bad in my experience, good in that I continue to sell my music in download format long after the discs have sold out. It's bad, in that I very much like the 'Art Object' idea, but it's popularity has waned, certainly for 'Independent' artists.

I should point out that the situation is probably more preferable these days from that artist's point of view - anyone can now release pretty much anything they desire and if they sign up to CD Baby (for example), $59 gets their album up on iTunes, Amazon, emusic etc. in a few days. That's pretty amazing I think.

I always tell people we love it when they buy our music however/wherever they buy it, though of course it's slightly more helpful if you buy it closer to the source. Obviously from a completely selfish point of view, we at Hypnos love it when people buy CDs from us. We also think it's great when you buy CDs we've released from the artists themselves.

But if buying a download is the way you want to get your music, we think it's A-OK if you buy it wherever it's available (except for those scam sites in Russia that sell whole albums for a dollar or something). Basically we wouldn't make the music available to buy through an outlet unless we thought it was a good place for people to be able to purchase the music.

It's our hope to someday (soon... soon... ) be able to offer Hypnos downloads through our own store. I was making good progress toward this eventuality until recent schedule-related setbacks, but the idea is still alive.


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