CDbaby vs TuneCore?

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El culto:

--- Quote from: lakwaun on April 24, 2013, 11:24:58 AM ---question I have paid for a single on CDBaby but never listed it and I bought a bar code. can I use that one barOde deover and over again for different albums?

--- End quote ---

No, you canīt...itīs only for this specific item.

David G:

Here comes our little self promotion. www.IndiGoBoom.com  charges between 49 and 59 dollars per year for ALL your releases, gives you free product codes and has an absolutely massive list of stores and streaming services.

We think a lot of the competition has a tendency to hide the actual cost of their distribution. for example if you use tunecore you pay per album per single per year. So after a few years of releasing records you have a massive annual bill to keep paying. Other distributors charge per release, per store, per year??? Whats that about ?? Same problem with huge and growing annual bill occurs. The invoice grows from year to year.

In our humble opinion (and we have been doing this since the birth of digital distribution) the only way to make a living from music is to build and maintain a catalog over time. Once you are on some Spotify playlist you need to guard that. Taking down the song is like removing a link to you. Also make sure to register your artist profile on allmusic.com since that is where Spotify picks up their artist data.
Mosey over to us and get in touch with our live chat.
David G


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