CDbaby vs TuneCore?

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Forrest just said it perfectly.   Including the sales last thing on my mind part as well...   for me.

From my experience, I recommend CD Baby. I've paid the set-up fee each time I've released an album so it didn't seem too bad, as opposed to (say) paying for 10 albums all at once.

I should say though that, just because an album goes up on iTunes, emusic etc. it doesn't necessarily mean it will sell. I have a side-project called 'Formbank', there's three albums up on all the major download sites from that project and I sell very few downloads from that one. The Igneous Flame stuff does sell, but it has taken time.

Something to bear in mind, is the that if you were to release a pressed CD, you're talking lots of money, limited CD-R runs aren't cheap either, so in the scheme of things I don't think their set-up fee is too bad. Also, as Forrest says, having a back catalogue up on CD Baby shows a commitment to the work (as does owning the barcode ISRC thingy). I would suspect one of the reasons for the proliferation of free releases out there is the reluctance to pay such fees.

Of course the sales are important, how can I run my private Lear Jet otherwise ? - only joking...

Thank you, guys. I think it all comes down to this: CDBaby offers lesser risk but lesser pay off (at least in a first year), while TuneCore is about bigger risk but bigger pay off, since they do not take commissions from sales.

However, if one signs up with CDBaby, he is bound by it forever, but at the same time they keep your music forever at their site (because of 9 to 25 percents of commission, depending where the most sales are coming from.)

At the end of the day, CDBaby is better than TuneCore longterm wise.

When I started, I wasn't even intending to sell either, as it was and is just my hobby, despite my wishful thinking producing music as full time job in a far future. Even my album on bandcamp are set to "pay what you want" model for that reason. I was and am concerned more about overall visibility than monetary profit. But seeing, that my albums sell even when it isn't required to pay for them I thought why not just try a fixed price with some other distributor.

So I am still on a fence. I really wanna try this thing with TC (because of current discount), on the other hand, I want my music to stay on sites that I choose to sell from for as long as possible, and CDB is a way to go for that matter.

Thanks again for replies. If I want to choose TC, I gotta think fast, but with CDB I can wait few months, as I doubt their fees will get bigger any time soon.

If you're willing to wait - CD Baby runs discount coupons now and then.  Sign up for an account (doesn't mean you have to upload an album right away) to get on their mailing list.   

I do really believe it's the way to go...  combination of cd baby (for digital distribution) and bandcamp. 

While my personal sales through all the various distributors was kind of funny to see...  those pennies started adding up.   My last payment had a ton of pennies from various 'cloud' services (spotify as an example) - but a $1 here -  $1 there - 50 cents here... 3 cents there...  it ended up being a nice little addition of $50 to my account and I bought some albums with the proceeds....  ;-)

Yeah, I created an account on CDB too. Actually I was reading about online distributors for two days now... While CDB isn't the cheapest, they most definitelly are most reliable, judging by random reviews. So in a future I am considering putting my whole discography on CDB unless I find something better.

Yesterday I found out about RouteNote's service, which sounded too good to be true. I mean, they are like Bandcamp and free (keep 15% commission) but sell on 7 stores including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. The big downside is that it takes 45 days to retrieve the payment from them and also I saw some complaints about them not putting music on iTunes on time etc. Some guy waited 6 months. Also the minimum amount is 50$. Until your balance reaches it, all money are kept by RouteNote.

So I was right, if a service is cheap, there is probably something fishy going on.

Anyway, I took the offer (25$ per album) by TuneCore and uploaded my latest release to their website. Just gotta make sure to disable auto-renewal, haha.


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