Author Topic: Phrenology Gig, The Railway, Winchester (UK) 29-09-12, Petrels, Isnaj Dui, +CD  (Read 2826 times)


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Runningonair & Mountain 7 are pleased to present ….

as part of an on going “The ‘Ology series”.

Tickets at :


The Show

After the success of last year’s “Music Lab” we’ve decided to expand the number of acts and shift up to a larger venue, The Railway. The aim of the concert is to present a diverse group of artists experimenting in areas ranging from field recording, noise, electro-acoustic and synthesis.

As part of the entry cost, a accompanying CD will be issued featuring new or previously unreleased work from the artists. This will also be available to those who are unable to attend the concert and will be posted out shortly after.

All of the artists have released work on notable labels including Hibernate, Denovali, Somehow Recordings as well as Runningonair. It will be possible to purchase some of these at the concert saving postage costs, as well as allowing more of the money to go directly to the artists.

The Artists

Petrels is London-based musician Oliver Barrett (Bleeding Heart Narrative/Grapefruits). Debut album 'Haeligewielle' was released on Tartaruga Records in April, combining bowed strings, discarded electronics, sporadic percussion and occasional vocals; "frighteningly claustrophobic but exultant in a beautifully understated way... monstrous arvo part-isms and peter wright destructo-drones. and with similar tropes can come across like richard skelton on steroids." (cowsarejustfood).
Isnaj Dui
Katie English, aka Isnaj Dui, explores electroacoustic neo-impressionism using flutes, home-made dulcimers and electronics. She has released several critically acclaimed albums, performed at venues such as the National Portrait Gallery and Union Chapel and has collaborated live and on record with numerous artists from electronica acts to folk bands.

A sound manipulist - taking basic building blocks of sound and warping them into wild structures. Fragments of moments become sonic swathes stretching into the distance. Recorded works tend toward the ambient end of the spectrum, live shows can range from glistening soundscapes to full on of the electronic and minimal orchestral outfit Regolith - "cerebral otherworldly weirdness" .

Pascal Savy
Pascal Savy is a French electronic music composer who lives and works in London (UK). He creates organic ambient and drone music, as a way to reflect on beauty, erosion and decay. His work combines acoustic sources with electronic tones generated by analogue and FM synthesisers.

Joe Evans
Joe Evans is a Winchester based composer, performer and curator of Runningonair Music.  His music often uses mathematics to determine a framework.  His latest release Ecliptic Plane uses statistics from the motion of the planets to create the harmony, rhythm and form of the pieces.