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The Ambient Century


I am no expert on ambient music but I thought I would just mention that one of the best books on the subject I have found is 'The Ambient Century' by Mark Prendergast. Fascinating read.

I didn't really like that book much. I mean what's the point of putting out a book on ambient music when it doesn't really talk much about the actual music?

Speaking of Prendergast I found his almost non-stop talking on the Kraftwerk history DVD almost ruined that disc.

Are there any good books on ambient?   I've never read Prendergrasts or any others for that matter.

For techno - I highly recommend Dan Sicko's book.   Which... I forget the title of... but I think it's called Techno something.  Techno specifically from a Detroit point of view with a few bits on Chicago House - New York, Berlin, etc...  It's mostly the Detroit thing though.

Wait, wasn't this about ambient?


--- Quote from: jkn on October 08, 2012, 10:30:29 AM ---Are there any good books on ambient?   I've never read Prendergrasts or any others for that matter.

--- End quote ---

There's David Toop's Ocean of Sound, though it tends more towards the "experimental/new music" tip of ambient.  Had some interesting insights, but seemed to neglect/ignore huge swaths of the ambient contingent.


Dan Sicko's book is Techno Rebels ... it just hit me.

There's a website for an author... Scaruffi?  I think he's from Italy...  there are a ton of entries about ambient artists in there.  Mostly review / opinion pieces.   Some I agree with some I think is so far off base it's hilarious.  Then again perceptions on music - well everyone has different thoughts...  tomayto tomahto.

Also there is Artemi Pugachov's Enclyclopedia of Electronic Music which is more of a brief mention of a ton of artists and what type of sound they primarily do - and a discog if possible.   I remember talking to him on a forum now and then - seemed like a nice knowledgeable sort.

I never did see any of Jim Brenholts Tracks Across the Universe (Tatu).     Jim was the ultimate cheerleader.


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