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Interesting Steve Roach Technical interview


I don't know if this is the most appropriate place for this, but here's the interview :

Particularly liked this part:

"Do you share the project with friends, label, or musical associates for feedback before making final decisions?"

"In all my solo work the path to the final master is shaped by trusting my own instincts: I donít look for outside opinions. I do listen to the music in progress in many different settings, especially on my frequent long drives across the deserts between Arizona and California..."

Kindred spirit.


About Steve's sentence: "I donít look for outside opinions"

Yes... I perceive the need of "individualistic" choices,
when one have to face with (music) problems that only (sound) shamans can face... :-)

The interview part touched me more is when Steve say:

"I love sitting at a dedicated instrument, say the Oberheim Matrix 12, and just focusing on sound exploration for hours. Out of this process, the music I create naturally evolves from the inside out with compositionĖimprovisation and constant sound shaping all ebbing and flowing. In this mode, I will have no other instruments fired up, no computer screen on and calling out, just this one instrument and some nicely hand crafted hardware reverb (of course). After all the years of working with analog knobs, and the velvet touch and response of analog sliders, I just know this is where I want to live."

Oh yes,
I absolutely understand the mental status and I agree with his approach!  :-)

So Steve continue to use, also in recent releases, what himself define "historic hardware processing" (at top level of that "legacy" technology...)
in any case, immo, his soundscapes exploration is going deep in new "tones" (using a word he used)
as pheraps no other musician nowdays.

Less albums Steve!
More CA-AZ journey,  more ultraterrain trips! :-)



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