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Drone On's review of "Sublunar" CD by Kane Ikin


drone on:
"Sublunar" is some very listenable experimental electronic sound art from the hit-and-miss 12k label, and luckily this disc is definitively a hit.  Kane Ikin is one half of the Australian duo Solo Andata, who have a full-length on 12k, and have also appeared on various artist 12k releases in the last few years.  Solo Andata utilize mostly acoustic sources, employing extensive processing.  On "Sublunar," composed of 16 relatively brief tracks, Ikin continues this working process but heads into more overtly electronic territory.  Often it's difficult to ascertain what the sources are, adding to the mysterious nature of this frequently haunting music.  He also adds really interesting IDM-like drum beats to some pieces, often with a futuristic jazzy feel.  The result is very close to what label mates Pjusk achieved on their two outstanding 12 releases, which is a kind of fourth-world organic drone IDM, chock full of inventive atmospheric processing.  "Sublunar" is an apt title for this release as many tracks are named after moons of the solar system (Europa, Rhea, Titan, Oberon, Hyperion) and paint vivid images of alien worlds unfathomable distances away.  You could call it "minimalist space music." 

"Sublunar" is a most impressive album that avoids the experimental noodling vibe of many of its counterparts on 12k and other similar sound art labels.  A fascinating listen, and most recommended. 

Picked this up recently and love it. Great review, by the way. This is a difficult album to describe; you captured its essence well.

Here is a nice video for the opening track:

Julio Di Benedetto:
A great release from 12k indeed......agree with Chris, you expressed the music in words very well.

drone on:
Hmmm, I'll have to unearth that one and give it another spin.  Yeah, that review was pretty good.  Would make me want to buy it! (Even though I already did).


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