Kunaki quality problems

Started by drone on, November 05, 2012, 11:54:53 PM

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drone on

My experience with cdrs from Kunaki has not been good.  First one I bought couple years ago had clicks pops throughout.  I recently bought 3 items (different label), none of them will play in my portable player.  Goddammit I am done with this company!


Drone On - it would be great if you would send your grievances and complaints direct to kunaki. Their customer service e-mail is: CustomerService@Kunaki.com

I myself would love to hear their response to you. I'd be descriptive as possible.

There was a stretch a few months ago where I had several complaints of their new ink they use gumming up, some people got discs from me that had no CD in them. Ive had misprinted art, and situations where the cover art was for one title and the back art for another. Also nearly very time I've checked my copies I see fingerprints and scratches on the disc surface. These are very annoying issues for sure and it behooves Kunaki to do a little better at quality control. That all said, I've only had a few complaints that required a replacement. Maybe 1 in every 50.

Let us know if you send them a complaint and what they say.

drone on

The seller refunded me.  I won't be emailing Kunaki.  They will probably just say "not all CDR's play in all players" or something similar.  But on my portable player, all my cdr's (burned and pre-printed) have played fine except these Kunaki discs--all they do is spin around and the player says "error."  I think it is the label side, whatever material they are using is causing a read problem for the laser.  Also, if they are dumb enough to cram three full-size jewel cases into a bubble mailer with absolutely no protection then they probably aren't bright enough to respond intelligently.  ;)