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VST / Software Suggestions?

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The Glaceverb has some very interesting reverbs and is very tweakable.

Komplete 9 has been announced and may be order-able or pre-order-able at this time. 33 instruments, it includes The Giant piano and a new monophonic synth and Battery 4 + the rest of the stuff. If you got the coin get ultimate on an external drive ;-)

I've updated to K7->K8 for $114.50 or so the past 2 yrs and I can go to 9 for $149....but don't know if I want to blow any more coin on stuff I am rarely using these days. I am attempting to get Mired off the ground yet again with an old friend at this time....

there is a new synth called Lush 101 by D16. I find this to sound absolutely mesmerizing .. it use a lot of cpu though in high quality all good sounding soft synths, and of most D16 plugins they really only shines in high quality mode.


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