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New Release: Rhizomorph - Xenofilika
« on: April 13, 2008, 11:09:17 AM »
Hi Hypnos folks

Rhizomorph here. Humbly yet proudly I announce the release of my debut album Xenofilika. This project was a labor of love as well as a sincere tribute to ethno-ambient music for me. It was composed at the peak of several years of heavy immersion in many forms of ambient, electronica, and world music. I like to think of it as the distillation product of all that deep listening and influence.

I am indebted to the Hypnos artists for a significant chunk of the ambient part of that inspiration. They broke some of the ground that I am walking on, and through that process I hope to soon step into new areas, maybe breaking a little bit of new ground for new artists to come, and so the circle goes.

Requisite promotional info:  There exists a website, for information and music samples and I am (for the time being) going with CD Baby for the distribution of the CDs (and digital downloads). My page there is The files are found at iTunes and Amazon as well. I'm also working on a Myspace page, where there will be a couple free downloadable tunes.

Experimenting as many of you are with the new music microbusiness model, I've created a "bedroom label" called Neurochemical Records which might likely morph into some kind of a netlabel in the future. I know that certainly I would love to collaborate with others on new release projects, and also hope to release others' work in the future if that should come about organically after some efforts on my part to build that type of structure (any guidance in setting up small labels gratefully welcomed).

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