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Hard Drive Clicking

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El culto:
Hi there,

let me first complain a bit  ;D

There is no doubt I would very much enjoying to s... the person who had first the idea of non-customizing idle behavior for Hdīs or those which trying to make the life of customers difficult wanting to find a solution.

As iīm very sensitive to get the right HD for my laptop machines (Mac and Windows) this issue is a pain in the ass (and not neck). Most reasonable  2.5 HDīs having 7200rpm with 16Mb cache. As for this specifications arenīt a lot of options i bought this three:

For my Windows machines:

SEAGATE Momentus 7200.5

Western Digital WD7500BPKT Scorpio Black 750 GB

For my Mac i bought:

Hitachi Travelstar 0A72335

All of them have the same clicking problem!

For the Mac i found a solution by using "hdapm"

I have two Windows machines (XP and Win 7) and here i first tried to use the tools the manufactors offering....most of the tools arenīt updated and (more worse) you can get them only by direct by them or via some "detours". Of course (lol) non of those tools work for newer Hds, it seems they donīt want to give anymore users the option to change things.

I donīt want to discuss the issue of mechanical problems which can occur by this parking issue but to complain about this companies believing they had a good idea. I canīt believe anyone isnīt annoyed hearing this constant "click, click, click" in a rather silent environment. I can only think about 2 reasons why they do it:

1. We see our customers something like a sheep - they will get used to it

2. We do this, because in this case we can minimize problems if people donīt handle their HDs well (this parking position avoid loosing of data when for instance it falls)

Of course, option 2 is obviously the reason, but by reading customers reviews on Amazon Germany (or simply google it) there are A LOT of complains about this clicking issue...of course those companies have to take care about those stupid majority who think they can tweak a computer and if something bad happen to claim the manufactor, but not giving ANY option puts off any professionals too.

In any case, today i tried several workarounds and finally found a tool which did the job - even itīs not official supported for Win7 it WORKS perfectly!!!

Finally silence - I just increased in the Settings for AAM the DC value for running on battery to maximum too.


I've owned several hard drives over the years - Western Digital and Maxtor predominantly, not sure what's in my laptop, never had to pop the hood, but none of them have ever clicked once.  8)

A simple yet powerful tool. Thanks Tomas.

Julio Di Benedetto:
Hi Tomas......can you describe when you hear this clicking on your mac (Im on macs) just so I can listen for it.  Is it random or predictable.  Are you talking about internal or external drives?


El culto:
Hi Julio,

sometimes random but there is a also a pattern given by the timer of the disc. It really depends on several factors (energy settings on the machine and the timer on the HD).

Problem appears with internal and external drives...on PC i could fix it through "QuietHDD" for BOTH, on Mac i use "hdamp" and this tool works for internal drives ONLY.

I will make it easy for anyone to understand this sound as most people canīt tell if its head parking or a serious problem ;-) I switched off "hdamp" on the mac and recorded the Click-Sound via internal mic into Hijack Pro (and normalized it). Its a Western Digital WD7500BPKT Scorpio Black 750 GB which is in the DVD slot (removed the DVD for having a 2nd internal HD)

This pattern repeats ALL the time....for other manufacturers the sound may differ a bit. As you can hear - and depending on personal preferences - it is either a very nice "meditation sound" to fall asleep OR to get so much annoyed to throw the computer out of the window (and you have finally only 1 "louder click" before silence)  ;D

PS: Here you can get the solution for Mac:

Works/Worked for me perfect on my current MBP and previous Mini



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