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Julio Di Benedetto. New Release....."A Tide Pool of Memories"

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Julio Di Benedetto:

the tide ebbs and leaves behind
memory held by the grace of the moon
until surya returns its flow
a moment to welcome
the magnetic release

[soundcloud][/soundcloud]A Tide Pool of Memories 59::43

Composed, Performed & Produced by Julio Di Benedetto 2012.

Synthesizers :: Access Virus TI & Oberheim Matrix 12

Mastered by Taylor Deupree @ 12k Mastering

Photography & Design :: Julio Di Benedetto

In the spirit of the season of giving I have released the full version of this music as a free download from my Bandcamp site through the month of december.

Enjoy......Happy Holidays!

Nice work, Julio.
Especially enjoyed the final track, which was a bit of a change in mood.

Just downloaded. Looking forward to listening to it a little later this evening. Thanks, Julio!

Julio Di Benedetto:
Thanks Anthony.....yes the final track,  had to write all the other music just to get to the last track which was what I want to say,  though I did know it until I got there, and so it often is in life.  Love the journey.

Hope you enjoy it Harry!

Julio, I listened to this last night.  It's a beautiful work and I especially like the last track, too.  Hope you're able to get it to a wider audience.  Thanks for sharing it with us.



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