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iPad Daw Control


Julio Di Benedetto:

This might force me to get an with all major Daw's and was built for 1st generation iPads and up.  I use Logic but follow the link to see more

I want it.  8)

Julio Di Benedetto:
Just a heads up as Ive now been working with this on my iPad controlling Logic Pro for a few days......Wow.  I have been using a Presonus Faderport for several years now and it was very useful but this takes it to a whole new level.

The V-Window calls up whatever is on your screen so if you have a plugin you can adjust eq, compression etc with your finger on the screen.  Its really very accurate.

The app works with pretty much with all Daw software including Final Cut, 5,6 & 7

As apps go its a bit pricey...$49, but the equivalent hardware box would cost 10x more.

Syncing Wifi seems a bit shaky but I think thats just me trying to establish the proper setup.

Sounds like an interesting app there Julio. I'll have to check it out if I ever get an iPad.


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