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How to delivery music? CDR vs FLAC download

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Hi guys,
( btw, I please administrators to move where they want my post if it is in the wrong place )

until now I sold/gifted my music as CDrs.
That have been the natural way until some years ago, to supply the better audio quality.

As listener, I personally Icontinue to think that's  preferred way to listen music,
music that require "high-fidelity", possibly to be listened far from laptop/mobile devices/phones... argh!!!

In recent times, people (and myself mmhhhh :-( ) used to listen also from MP3 / FLAC files,
so I'm deciding now to deliver my music also as FLAC download.

I suppose this possible flow:
a) sell with a standard paypal payment a digital album
b) use or similar file store web services to let people download encrypted file containing FLAC encoded tracks.
c) get feedbacks from listeners/friends saying something like "Giorgio, was better your previous album..." or similar ;-)

Questions to both music producers and listeners too:

1. Do you retain FLAC a suitable format to delivery hi-fy digital music ?
Or it's convenient pheraps some MP3 high quality encoding (maybe because MP3 is more supported by portable music players)  ?

2. Do you have experience using or similar services (letting HTTP download) instead of using FTP old approach etc. 

3. What is the "market" price of a digital album in 2012 ?

4. Do you listen ambient/electronic music also using digital files (MP3 or whatever) ?
Do you really listen with mobile devices (tablet/phones/etc.) ?

Any idea is welcome / thanks

I've been thinking about this a bit too. My conclusion without a lot of research is I would probably end up using bandcamp for distribution of FLAC and other downloadable files, I wouldn't bother with my own dedicated site or using something like dropbox for distribution.

I agree with Loren, Bandcamp is pretty much set up for FLAC.

El culto:
For Bandcamp: I would be a bit more careful and critical for this service.

At the end itīs a company which need to earn money, although their fees are rather decent at the moment (!). But 2 points should be considered:

1. Depending on the business strategy of companies (especially those which offer at the beginning a rather attractive service) you can never be sure it will last for a long time.

2. This interacts with point 1 - if they decide to change rules more or less you have to except their rules (i.e increasing of fees) and - it in a way - it makes you dependent on their services (especially if you have created a fan base on this sites over the years which are then used to find your music only there).

Personally, I donīt like such dependencies when it comes to my music and I would always try to find a solution (even it needs more work) which leaves me the freedom of decisions. The experiences how a lot of these companies are working (and changing things after they have a lot of customers - see currently Facebook) makes me always critical even the "at the moment service" sounds great and rather attractive.


ciao Tomas,

I agree, personally I have been critical with Bandcamp rules at  first glance, leaving it immediately!

for my (our) "niche" realm, all these "big" mainstream channels
are not too useful immo,
I experienced cdbaby and through it amazon/itunes... a flop.
By example have been almost impossible to agree the final price with cdbaby (mainly with his third parties digital distributors like amazon and itunes.
non accetable my side that itunes decide proces against my will!

Probably the real point is that I do not like intermediator and fee-makers.
and I enjoy to have a "direct" producer-to-consumer link ...
But technically, what do you think regarding my "individualistic" proposed flow ?



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