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Your Use of Reverb

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, using a few of them, I was able to clean it up to my satisfaction.

(It still sounds like 'First Light'  which is.....good?  :P )

Given most of "First Light" has a huge rolloff with nothing much happening above 5kHz (except for a section between 36min to 58min), that would explain the muddy sound. Perhaps including another element (soft) living in the upper frequencies would give you the air you're looking for?

And even if it does sound like "Fight Light", there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

Ambient: No rules.  ;)

I use mostly Lexicon PCM Native right now. I use never more then 28% wet signal...I think it is a common mistake by many to use to much reverb... and especially in the ambient is really bad to us too much, when it kills all kill the whole essence of the sound.. and it becomes just a reverb ghost.

I will receive my Eventide H8000FW next week.. maybe it will be different... every reverb is different..


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