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2012 feedback? 2013 suggestions?

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PS how about DVD releases?

Scott M2:
I appreciated the change in the last couple of years to the DigiPaks with spines and have tried to support them with my orders.

I strongly disliked the spineless Secret Sound packaging and found myself disinclined to buy them after a while - despite the good intentions for keeping the prices lower.

More panels in the DigiPaks means little to me unless the artwork demands it. This customer is happy with your current "product".

How about Lyric Sheets?   ;)

Mike, you've talked about this Hypnos digital shop idea for some years now and it still hasn't manifested, is it really viable ?

As I said earlier, I'm interested to know what you have in mind for future Hypnos releases. Talking about different packagings and the like is interesting, but any ideas for your view on the Hypnos 'musical agenda' would be more relevant, I'd say.

As I said earlier, a 'physical releases only' venture may be sufficiently niche in these changing times, as everyone else makes a mad dash to downloads.

Julio Di Benedetto:

--- Quote from: hdibrell on December 19, 2012, 01:57:49 PM --- I've always enjoyed the Secret Sounds releases where for a lower price I was able to check out artists that I probably wouldn't ordinarily buy.

--- End quote ---

This is an interesting point Harry makes and one that suggests what a Hypnos digital shop might embrace.  With the very low production cost a digitally only release could allow Hypnos to expand its roster of artist and perhaps broaden its vision of ambient music.  In the same way that the Secret Sounds series brought new (new to me) artists to our attention for a reasonable price in a well made creative cdr format.  High quality digital releases would be a way to invest in artistic development without having the capital commitment required for cd & cdr's. Personally something like this would be exciting and increase / speed up the release schedule.  I don't suggest saturation.....just theres a lot of good music out there that Hypnos might consider releasing but for the economic factor of return and potential rooms full of boxes.

Over the last year and back a bit more I have felt a shift in the Hypnos sound.....its a hard thing to actual put a finger on but I sense a transition from the drone / sleep soundscapes towards a more musical / dynamic type of ambience. Certainly not to the exclusion of the drone soundscape.  This i just an observation and something I like if its at all true.

Not sure of the future of Binary......never really paid attention to it as a separate sub label. It was just part of Hypnos for me though a fair bit more electronic.  I would be happy to see this music included under the singular Hypnos label.

The future looks bright.....Thanks for asking Mike!



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