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drone on:
I hope (and I don't think this will happen) Hypnos doesn't get swayed by those who paint these negative pictures about how music is being given away for free and CD production is down.  If Hypnos is a niche then I want my niche in all its full glory!  It is labels like Hypnos who have total integrity when it comes to releasing music.  This is a rarity nowadays.  It should be treasured.  Compared to some of these other labels that feel really cold and corporate, shopping at Hypnos is like being part of a cool club that is really laid back.  It's like going to the old town record store where you know all the employees and you feel really welcome there.     

Physical product is just plain better; if you don't want it then don't buy it, and please stop coming on here trying to turn Hypnos into a netlabel.  This really bugs me.  I don't want to get into an argument about it with anyone here, I am just stating my opinion, and it's an opinion I feel passionately about.  HYPNOS IS A REAL RECORD LABEL THAT RELEASES CD'S, AND WE LIKE IT THAT WAY, OKAY??  8)

I thought this year's releases were excellent.  It was great to see some new artists to Hypnos like Bruno Sanfillippo.  As far as future releases, I would like to see the Oophoi/Seren followup to Martian Chronicles.  Dream releases would be by Thom Brennan, Oophoi (solo), Phobos, Broken Harbour, and reissues of some obscure ambient gems.  I think a reissue sublabel would be cool (again, just dreaming).   


Thanks, everybody, for the input so far. I definitely take these suggestions seriously.

I'll have more to add here soon, possibly to inspire or trigger additional discussion. Some quick notes:

First, there's no risk of Hypnos becoming a "netlabel" or switching to downloads-only or CDR-only any time soon. I still feel the proper CD format is a beautiful way to release music, particular in the new digipaks we've been doing. One change we'll probably make is to press editions of 500 rather than 1,000, except with artists like Robert Rich where the edition of 1,000 makes sense. We don't mind waiting a decade or so to sell off most of a CD batch, but I don't want to have a garage full of stuff when Lena and I are old and retired! Time to start doing slightly smaller quantities. Batches of 300 might even become our default at some point.

We'll likely start being more aggressive about cutting prices on CDs that have been out for several years. I'd like to hear input from people on whether they feel such price reductions make a difference -- in other words, if a given CD isn't worth buying for $12.99, does it become more appealing at $9.99 or $7.99 or eventually even $5.99, or is it a matter of the music being "worth having" or "not worth having" and the lower price not really convincing you to buy something you didn't want in the first place?

As for downloads, we do intend to have a more comprehensive solution for the digital availability of our music. That's been something I've worked on in fits and starts over the past few years, and though I made some good progress on that in the first half of 2012, I didn't get it quite ready for prime time. Then my "day job" schedule changed and I had less time to work on it. I still intend to block off some time in the new year to address this again. Most of the technical hurdles were solved, and I just have to re-address payment gateway issues, then do some testing. Currently my plan is to take a block of vacation in early 2013, and lock myself in the Hypnos studio and hammer away at this until the new store is ready to go.

I also like chris23's idea about doing a combined book/music release. This is actually something I've considered in the past. A surprising number of people who are into "weird" fiction, horror, dark fantasy, science fiction and the like are also into ambient and electronic music. I love the idea of commissioning a novella from an interesting writer and doing a special edition hardcover along with a "soundtrack" CD. Then after that limited edition, the writer could publish the novella elsewhere, separately, and the CD could be purchased in ordinary packaging, also separately. Something to think about. I've been secretly studying up on book design as I plan for something like this.

As I said, I'll have more to add to this topic soon. Thanks again, everybody, for caring enough to offer input.

I'm a little slow responding here, so some of my points have already been covered. I've always enjoyed the Secret Sounds releases where for a lower price I was able to check out artists that I probably wouldn't ordinarily buy. I prefer physical product, as well. I do, however, purchase downloads occasionally especially when money is tight. Secret Sounds might not be a bad place to pursue this option. All in all I think you do a great job with this label and would hate to see major changes.

Its good to hear that Hypnos will contiue to release CD's, I am another person who does prefer the physical product, and the move to digipaks was great and maybe that could be expanded, possibly 6 panel digipaks if feasible? I think offering downloads as an option, not a replacement, would be a good idea. I don't think the price of the CD is the off putting factor, $12.99 for a pressed CD in a digipak is a pretty amazing price imho, but the ever increasing cost of shipping, when added to the cost of the CD probably contributes to the fall in CD sales, I know Hypnos try and keep the shipping costs low, but there is only so much you can absorb, before it starts to hurt you, so in that respect if some customers found the shipping cost too much, then an option of a download may be good for them, and may generate a sale which might be otherwise lost.

Future Hypnos releases, Oophoi/Seren FFordd follow up to the Martian Chronicles, yes please, and again with a solo Oophoi release, Mathias Grassow, Dahlia's Tear, Broken Harbour, Igneous Flame to name a few.

I like what Hypnos does very much.

I don't like downloads, but don't want my own prejudice to prevent Hypnos trying out anything that might increase interest and people buying music.

larger digipaks for better art sounds interesting - possibly DVD size another option...

HSS releasing more by newer or unknown artists sounds good too as does downloads of OOP releases.

Would podcasts be something Hypnos might consider as creating interest?

I'm just glad that Hypnos exists, maintains it's integrity and supports artists - keep going even if the world ends!!!!!!


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