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Julio Di Benedetto:
Im in the process of ripping my cds to disk and I was doing so with Mondell & Mantrs's Sonic Continuum while searching the web for artwork which quickly came up first under  (LINK DELETED - CAREFUL WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION, EVERYONE!)

Im finding quiet a few titles.  Is this new, Allflac......Am I late to the game.  Prices are cheap.  Is it legit.  Must be, someones getting paid.

When you see a load of Steve Roach albums selling for $2 or $3 you know he is not getting paid a cent and did not put them up there and that the site is illegal. You will see no proper contact info or anything about where and who they are. Just another illegal rip-off site that makes a load of money from other people's work. No different from the illegal Russian and other sites that sell mp3 albums for a couple of bucks.

APK is right. This is a common scam, almost always originating out of Russia or former Soviet states.

Part 1 of the scam is selling pirated downloads for a low price.

Part 2 of the scam is mining credit card numbers for resale.

So they're screwing the recording artist, and also the "customer."

Julio Di Benedetto:
REALLY.....it did seem fish somehow.  Need to open my eyes.  Perhaps Mike this thread should be delete unless its better to keep it to serve as a red flag for others. The last thing I want to do is send people to this sort of site  >:(

Thanks to you both for the heads up.

I'll leave the topic, but delete the link, lest someone click it without reading the information below.


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