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Mark Dwane
« on: January 16, 2013, 11:29:18 AM »
I noticed on Backroads' (known now as Lloyd Barde Productions) Best of 2012 list an album by Mark Dwane called "Archive 2."  I really like Dwane 90's music like "Angels, Aliens and Archetypes" so I went to his website to check this release out. 

Mark Dwane sells his CDR releases (including Archive 2) for $25.  I was also surprised to find this album is "limited to 1,000 hand-numbered signed copies."  I'm not so sure he will sell even 100 at that price, let alone 1,000.  His 1997 limited edition CD album "The Nephilim" is STILL available--15 years later, and I think it was limited to 1,000.

Never heard of CDR's limited to 1,000.  Why even bother with the "limited" tag at all when it would probably take 20 years to sell these, and probably won't get even close to selling out? 

I'm not totally opposed to spending $25 on an artist's work.  If you bought a painting or other art object it would cost much more.  But in this economy and focus on downloads, I can't see this practice being too successful for releasing music.   8)