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drone on:
If you use Discogs, you know that sellers set a price for their item and in addition can also take offers from prospective buyers.  The buyer, instead of paying the set price, can make an offer.  The seller can either accept, decline, or do nothing and the offer expires after 4 days (I think it's 4 days). 

The last two times I made offers (which both were only like $3 less than the set price), I never heard anything from the seller at all and it just expired. 

My question is: if you are that cheap you won't basically just pay the shipping for the buyer and sell the item, why bother "accepting offers" on it in the first place?? 

I swear, some of the sellers on Discogs play some dumb games, including setting unrealistically high prices nobody will ever pay.  If I really want to sell something, I would never inflate the price to an unreachable level. 

Any opinions?  :)

Yeah, that's really dumb, but problem I've had is more trouble with buyers. 1 out of 3 orders the person doesn't respond to the invoice I send and since discogs' fee format doesn't keep track of when or even if I receive a payment I still have to pay the $1 per disc it costs me to sell on there. But I never get a darn payment. Apparently, I can't get a refund from discogs but I can get credit for the next sale, but i have to mess around with some form and stuff.... Kind of a mess on both ends of the transaction.

Hang in there though!


drone on:
Huh?  You should get a credit when you cancel order by seller for non payment.  After four days you can do this.  Then leave negative feedback for the flake who never paid the invoice. 

I'm still a bit new to discogs buying an selling. I didn't know that about the cancellation deal. Thanks!  I was sort of giving the buyer a break because he bought a couple titles prior. The buyer was also from Italy and perhaps there was a language barrier issue when I sent my correspondence to him. Oh well. I'll take advantage of the canceling option on future transactions if necessary so thanks for the tip!

You guys (I'm talking about album buyers, not producers) sure do have a little business going there on Discogs.


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