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AMBIcon 2013 Update

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Stephen Hill:
phobos: Yes, budget permitting we are planning to videotape all the concerts and presentations and post them on YouTube.

dreamin4ever: The economics of doing a quality event like this are pretty daunting. This is our first one, and if it is not going to be the last we have to be very careful with our pricing and sales policies. For both our sake and the "user experience," we want to sell as many tickets to the full event as possible. So we've setup a tiered pricing system that favors those who make their decision early with a discount. Once we see how the full-event sales have progressed in the spring, we'll decide on the timing and pricing for the individual concerts. In the end we want to fill all the available seats with people who love the music and really want to be there, at prices that are rational for us and reasonable for this kind of event. Once they start, we will not limit the individual sales to Northern California residents; if you want to drive in from hundreds of miles away for one concert, that's up to you.

ffcal: Thanks for your understanding.


--- Quote from: Stephen Hill on January 18, 2013, 03:28:38 PM ---phobos: Yes, budget permitting we are planning to videotape all the concerts and presentations and post them on YouTube.

--- End quote ---
That would be cool, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you 8)

This line-up is to die for. Shame Id have to add tickets for a flight from Germany and back again...

Seriously, this is the type of line-up that would make me attend EM festivals over here in Continental Europe.


For years I have been envious of many EM Festival over in Continental Europe, now its your turn.  ;D

Stephen Hill:
Hello again, Hypnos forum. Just wanted to let everyone know that we've just added several new options for attending the AMBIcon 2013 event.

You can now buy Single Day access for either Saturday or Sunday only.
You can also buy tickets for each of the 4 concerts individually.

TICKETING details and prices:
CONFERENCE schedule and information:

We have a special discount for musicians and label personnel. Please email me at  sh(at)  for details.

It's going to be a memorable event with great people and great music. Hope you can make it!

:: SH


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