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Eighteen bucks for a download?

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drone on:
An artist in the "rock" category I greatly admire has a Bandcamp store now and is charging USD $18.00 for a single-album download.  If you want to order a CD it is $20 plus $10 shipping to the US.  $30 for one CD is quite steep, IMO. 

Some fans are grumbling over this, not just me. 

Even though as just a listener it's not up to me to decide how much an artwork is "worth," considering the wide range of available downloads averaging at the $10 price, do you think $18 is a bit excessive?  At this point I don't really want to pay that much for a "file" and also don't want to pay $30 for one CD.  BTW, the newest release (in fact the last few) are only available on the artist's Bandcamp site, not iTunes or other platforms. 

Any thoughts?   

Where are they shipping it from?

| broken harbour |:
Who is it?

drone on:
Ships from Australia.  Rather not say who it is, but they're pretty well known down under...

Ah, had it been a UK artist then I could have seen about getting it for you and shipping it across, which may have worked out cheaper.


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