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Exclusive Album Pre-order: Lorenzo Montaną [Fax +49-69/450464 / Disco Dada


(Instant FREE track download)

PSY066 Lorenzo Montaną - Eilatix

Special Pre-order for the new album from Italian electronic composer Lorenzo Montaną.

‘Eilatix’ is the artists follow up to his last album (a collaboration with the late Pete Namlook)which appeared on the legendary record label Fax +49-69/450464,also run by Namlook.

Release Date : May 2013

Limitation : 300

File Under : Idm/Glitch/Melodic Electronics

Tracklisting :

Nepenthes’s Touch [07:39]
Byblis OT [05:07]
Quantic Rajah [06:03]
Oval Wood [05:35]
Genlixea [06:50]
Blue Stylidium [06:26]
Temporary Light [08:13]

Out of stock now ;) Depending on demand we may repress...


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