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Robert Rich release


Is "Sunyata/Inner Landscapes going to be available at the Hypnos store?

Yes, we will have them soon. The manufacturer mistakenly sent the CDs to Robert, rather than us. Copies are on the way to Hypnos HQ.

Now Robert owns the complete treasure... :)


drone on:
Just curious--is this solely on Soundscape or is it a joint Hypnos/Soundscape release? In any event, I think it's great these albums (and upcoming Trances/Drones) are being kept in print and available as CD's.  It would be nice if some of the archival live recordings were made available as CD's as well, but I'm sure that's just wishful thinking.  :) 

It's a joint Hypnos/Soundscape release, just like Inner Landscapes, Sunyata, Humidity and Somnium. Trances/Drones will be the same.

I agree that all Robert's music should be kept in print on CD, though the live archive materials you mention are something Robert always managed himself.


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