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Brambles - Perennial Flux Edition One


For folks who took an interest in Charcoal by Brambles last year, you might want to check this out:

Brambles is releasing a series of pieces (sound, text, visual) over the next year or so. The first edition was posted today--and it is a beautiful track: Half-Gramme Holiday.

Dave Michuda:
Thanks for the heads up on this.  Excellent track. :)

A great new short film for the track "Salt Photographs" by Brambles.

If you're not familiar with Brambles, give this a spin. The song is very typical of the Brambles style. And the video is quite lovely.

Salt Photographs / Brambles on Vimeo

Julio Di Benedetto:
music works so well with the visuals.....heard this music before but never quite registered until now.  Thanks for the additional post!


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