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Sunyata/ Inner Landscapes

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I received this Saturday, but due to having back surgery Friday I am just getting around to listening to it now. ( I have plenty of listening time on my hands now). First off this is a beautiful package.. The artwork and the digipack are stunning! I just finished listening to Inner Landscapes and was really impressed with this work. I can't wait to dig into Sunyata in a little while. It is reminiscent of Trances and Drones which is one of my, if not my favorite Robert Rich releases. I can't recommend this enough especially with the introductory price on it for a limited time. Great job Mike and Robert! As usual, Lena shipped it out really quickly arriving here just three days after I ordered it.

First of all, get well soon, Harry, and have a wonderful time with "Sunyata" & "Inner Landscapes"!!! Got mine copy today from Robert, a true piece of art!!! Hats off to Robert & Hypnos and now I really look forward to "Trances/Drones" reissue!!!  :)


Thanks, Richard! Me, too on Trances & Drones.

Thank you very much for this present and beauty! Im so glad that now I will have these 2 cds as a digipack set !! thats wonderful!
I wish this could happened to trances & drones and to all the sounscapes Robert Rich albums that were issued as a usual jewel cases:
 - open window
 - Calling Down The Sky
 - Echo Of Small Things
 - Electric Ladder ‎
 - Temple Of The Invisible
 - Michael Somoroff's Illumination ‎
 - Music From Atlas Dei ‎
 - Humidity 3 cd

& of course - Somnium

Mike, it is a really nice release - the cover looks great.


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