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Thanks for the kind words, everyone. We tried to make this version of Sunyata & Inner Landscapes truly special. Robert considers it an archival edition, the final or "ultimate" version of these recordings to be released on CD.

We will have more information about Trances & Drones before too much longer. Work is underway!

... and, I was so busy last week, I made the CD available to buy (and plenty of people bought it) but forgot to make the formal announcement here on the forum. You can see that announcement topic elsewhere in the "Hypnos News and Announcements" area, or follow the direct link:


CD release: Robert Rich - Sunyata & Inner Landscapes (2CD)

drone on:
Great music.  Inner Landscapes is quintessential RR.  Got this reissue yesterday.  I like the essay by Mike.  I think the booklet would have been better with some unseen photos like the one on the inside of the digipak, instead of the reissues covers and the Numena photo used on the Linden version of Numena. 


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