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--- Quote from: Julio Di Benedetto on March 31, 2013, 06:01:58 AM ---[...] Why will people pay $10.000 for a Leica camera.....[...]
--- End quote ---

I can´t and won´t speak for the vast majority, but in my case, I´d pay that much for a Leica M5 (with a set of lenses) for the same reason I´d pay that much for a Hasselblad, Nagra IV, or a Glashütte watch -- because they are wonderful pieces of engineering and craftmanship.

There are more practical solutions around.


I have to agree with what has previously been written here. I also think a certain amount of lusting for vintage gear has to do with nostalgia.  I think as I, and many others, as we get older are able to afford gear that we could only dream of in our youth. Another good example is buying vintage cars. They aren't better than what is out now, just so much cooler. I had a 1968 Triumph TR4 when I was eighteen. I loved that car. my brother has a '66 TR4 now. I have driven it and am surprised at how uncomfortable it is to drive. But, it's still fun. Of course my Toyota Corolla can probably out perform it and is LOT'S more reliable. Still, I can't help but smile when I drive his TR4. I have gotten rid of most of my vintage synths now and I do miss them, but the gear I have now needs very little maintenance and performs beautifully. I still can't help but lust after the vintage stuff, though and can't help but smile when I play it.

I could see a reasonable point being made that analogue recording gear or maybe certain special vintage effects like an old EchoPlex or Leslie might be more desirable than its virtual equivalent, but for many of us with limited budgets, the additional expense and maintenance expense may not be worth it.  I certainly miss the tape saturation made possible by my TEAC open-reel and DBX analog compression.

I agree that having too many options can be an issue, as well as not taking the time to learn what about what you already have, because of the chase for the latest new processor or plugin.  But I also like to have at least some options, so it don't think it's necessarily a matter of selecting one approach over another.

I still have my first synth (MS-20) and my first processor (Electro-Harmonix Echoflanger), but that may have more to do sentimentality or laziness than a love for "vintage" sound.


Julio Di Benedetto:
I think vintage gear as discussed in the article does not have the same mystique and wonderment that say a classic british motorcycle like a Norton or BSA does. Why, because there is money in the equation. The article is written by an audio professional about the recording business.  Certainly all the passion for this vintage gear is there but as a business where money is to be made reliability and repeat performance are paramount. I don't have a picture in my mind of a garage full of vintage recording gear being lovingly maintained and resurrected, but I do have a picture of a garage where vintage bikes or cars as Harry talked about are striped down and rebuilt and driven because I know people how do this.  There is only money to be lost.  Granted it is apples and oranges but it resides under the label "vintage".

If I run my Matrix 12 through a vintage Neve pre amp and hear the synth like I have never heard it before I am reminded of what an incredible and creatively inspiring instrument it is not how phenomenal the Neve preamp is.  I have had some good modern tube and solid state pre's and they are gone.  The M12 is still here.  What does that say? 

Thanks for listening to me debate this with myself  :o

Perhaps I find myself somewhere in the middle.

I remember my Roland system 100 with affection, but would I want to replace my current technics keyboard (KN1500) and rack supernova with it - no. It was just too unpredictable and sounds were difficult to reproduce after any setting was changed. Even the Technics (despite the floppy disk memory) has more range and possibilities than the roland had.

Would I be happy to have both? - I'd like the chance to try and see how I feel about it after all these years, if someone wants to lend me one!.

At the same time I have no ipad, or any other very modern technology. I use an old version of Sonar Cakewalk for somethings and Glace Verb VST (my only one) but I just dont like computers for music. I'm not sure if I would even enjoy trying them out if I had the chance, I just don't like looking at the screens on them all.

I have a Roland VS2480 to record on which seems to be halfway between the 2.

What I would like is something that can replicate my old 1 or 2 minute tape loops on a reel to reel with an added switch to turn the erase head off. Any suggestions?


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