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Earth Mantra releasing again soon!

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Earth Mantra will start releasing again in 2013!
Darrell Burgan founded Earth Mantra and has created an amazing label with nearly 200 releases over the years. He's reached a point where wants to step back from the label and instead of letting it go silent... he's allowing us to continue on. Geoff Small (aka pne sinn) will be running the label with the help of Steve Brand and me - and I'm sure a little help from Joel (Crystal Dreams) who helps us now with the Relaxed Machinery website.  The same team behind Relaxed Machinery is now running Earth Mantra.

We do not plan to change Earth Mantra. 

It's an awesome netlabel releasing Creative Commons music and we fully support that.  Darrell leaves some very large shoes to follow - and we hope to honor his legacy with future releases on Earth Mantra.
This excites me so much - and it ties in with our community 3rd anniversary... as Darrell was the first person to decide this community was the right fit to be the official community for StillStream (which he owned at the time) and his Earth Mantra label.

John, Geoff, and Steve.

judd stephens:
That's fantastic, I've enjoyed so many of those albums of that label and appreciate it greatly.  Big fan of Arcticology especially and many of the artists there.

Well when I get off my ass to put another release out on either Darkened Soul or Mired In Twilight I'll be in touch. I just need to get motivated again and sit down with my software and start noodling on stuff....haven't had much emphasis on it again after getting excited to work on stuff awhile ago....hopefully I'll get something together for either project and get in touch with you.


Does anybody know if this is still true ? I love this netlabel, and I'm checking their website nearly daily to see if new material is available, but no ... :(

So very sorry!  Geoff, who is the new owner of Earth Mantra, had one of those summers/falls/ years?  where work became ridiculously busy - so he decided to put the relaunch off until early 2014.  I'm helping with technical stuff, but Geoff is the owner and steering the new ship.  I had the same problem with Relaxed Machinery (which Geoff helps me with) - work has gotten crazy so some things are pushing out (although we're still releasing about every 6 weeks.)

It will be back!



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