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Started by Anodize DB, April 12, 2013, 05:42:18 AM

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Anodize DB

Just heard the shocking news of Gianluigi's passing. Very scant information exists; only heard about it via Facebook this morning. I've followed, reviewed, and acquired his recordings from the very beginning of his sterling career, as well as having known him both personally & professionally since the early 90s. We exchanged correspondences for years; he was also frequently covered in both of my magazines i/e & e/i. Terribly, terribly sad, and he will most certainly be greatly missed.
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We've known for some time this awful news was coming, but this is the first I've heard that Gigi, as many of us called him, has actually passed.

He was a good friend, a generous person and a brilliant creative mind. Not only did I release his music on Hypnos several times, but we corresponded a lot about label issues, and for a while we sold a great number of Umbra and Penumbra CDs.

I've just woken up to the news and haven't quite processed it yet, even though as I said, Gigi had understood and had told a few of us this was coming. I'll have more to say later.
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Anodize DB


Based on your words, wasn't aware he was battling some kind of illness for some time. Regardless, that information doesn't make his passing any easier to take. Still pretty stunned myself.
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Perhaps the main reason Gigi he stopped Umbra & Penumbra, his own CDR labels, was to allow himself enough rest to recover from his first instance of illness. Hand-assembling all those CDRs was very labor intensive. At one point he was releasing new albums every month, not just Oophoi material but work by a great stable of interesting ambient artists, mostly Italian.

He switched over his efforts from Umbra/Penumbra to getting many of his self-released originals released on other labels. He also encouraged me to consider releasing some of his Umbra/Penumbra artists on Hypnos, which we did with Seren Ffordd.

I feel like Gigi was present from the beginnings of Hypnos, with his Deep Listenings magazine, all along, through to the end. We recently released the first album he and Seren Ffordd did together, The Martian Chronicles, and are currently planning the second installment. Gigi had let me know that due to his unwellness, I should feel free to plan everything, the art and so forth, with Andy aka Seren Ffordd.
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I communicated with Gigi a few months ago via Discogs.  I had purchased a rare Suso Saiz and some of his recent work from him.  I had a feeling that things were not going well.  I recently sent a message to him and did not hear back, and this confirms the worst of my fears.  I met him in the mid-90s when he was visiting San Francisco and was taken by his knowledge of and commitment to the ambient genre via his Deep Listenings website.  It did not surprise me when he started his own label years later to spread the word.  It also amazed me that he was doing this at the same time he was practicing medicine.  I will miss him.


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Wow, I'm shocked...

I don't know what to say, I didn't realize he was sick.  This is very sad news.  I will listen to Athlit today is his honor.


Very sad news.

May his spirit live on through his sublime music.


I have to echo the sadness expressed by everyone here, he will be sadly missed.

Gigi had been having bad health for sometime but tried not to let it stop him making music and supporting other musicians.

may his journey to the one light at the beginning of the world be a very peaceful one.


very sad

i too had not heard from him in quite some time
i remember the excitement i felt when i discovered his music though hypnos
and the treats that would arrive in the post from his ambience

we became friends through email and i always called him the soulglue commander
and even sent him the last print of one of my litho editions to hang in the kiva
his beautiful space at his incredible home in italy

i have a picture of him walking on his property with his faithful dog urania
and this is how i will always think of him and i will find comfort in his soundscapes

oophoi silence as i walk      h


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My sincere condolences to his family and all his friends...
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I saw this from Mike on facebook this morning. My wife and I afre quite saddened by the news. The time we spent with him and Alessandra years ago was one of the most cherished trips of our life, they were and are a very selfless and giving couple.

I am also honored and blessed that I got the opportunity to work with Gigi on the music we created and I am very proud of that work.

It was hard during the last album, as on occasion he would let it slip that he knew it would most likely be one of his final projects. Of course I tried my best to ignore those comments hoping that he would beat his illness.

I feel sad because I have not spoken with him in quite a while.

He really was a gifted and driven artist with a unique musical vision. Even more unique and fascinating to me was the techniques he developed over time in his musical creation.

I wish Alessandra well and send her my prayers.
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Have found this photo longer time ago on the net and posted it to Discogs profile of Oöphoi. I don't know who should be credited, however, it's a very nice shot. This is the way we will always remember Gigi.



Another nice one, source unknown.


drone on

Very sad to hear this.  We corresponded last year and he shared his situation, so it is not a complete shock, but of course still hard to take.  Such a great artist.  Like Pete Namlook, there aren't many to come along too often with such vision and quality.  This is another huge loss for the ambient world.  RIP Gigi.


This is absolutely devastating news. I only emailed him earlier this week to see how he was, he told me he was in hospital and had been for the past month, I knew he had been ill for some time. Gigi's music inspired me to make music again, and I am forever in his debt for that. He will be greatly missed, I will miss him deeply. I will cherish the legacy that he has left us with and his beautiful sounds. My deepest condolences to his wife and family. Rest in peace my friend.
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Gigi/Oöphoi & Kristián/Nextera

Courtesy of Jarka Medunová, private archive. Thank you, Jarka, for publishing this nice memorable photo. Using Jarka's words: "Now they are both reunited again." Rest in peace, Gigi & Kristián.



Very sad news. Gigi has been one of my very favorite artists for many years now. I looked forward to anything new from him with geeky anticipation. I collected every bit of his music that I could possibly find, including ordering 'Bardo' and waiting more than a month for it to arrive from Russia.

I recall reading somewhere some years ago, that he was in poor health, and finding it difficult to get his music out in the world, so much so, that he was considering abandoning music altogether. This resurgence in the last few years made me hope for the best for his music and his health. I'll be remembering him today.

Thank you, Mike, for helping to bring his music to a wider audience through Hypnos. At least his music will live on.
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